Snappers are one of the best sportfish to encounter. Anglers love to pursue them for their table appeal and gameness. Snappers are hard fighters, and will use head-shaking and strong tactics to evade capture. There are many varieties of snappers out there – we have the red snapper, yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, and lane snapper to name a few. Snappers commonly have a weight range of one to eight pounds. However, there are some that can grow up to around 20 pounds! Read on to find out how you can reel in a snapper.

Best Gear and Equipment for Snapper Fishing

The best gear for snapper fishing depends on the spot that you are heading to. For spots that are in shallow water that is around 50 feet in depth, it is possible to land one using a light ocean tackle or even a baitcaster reel. However, in most cases, snapper fishing is often done in areas with deep drops and strong current. This will require heavy duty rods and lines of 80- or at least 50-pound test.

Snappers are also known to be picky about their bait. Most times, dead Cigar Minnows, cut fish, squid or Pilchards will do well to attract them. However, it might be necessary to use live baitfish in heavily fished areas.

Best Snapper Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

There are many different types of snappers, and each have their own preferred habitat. Red snappers are rare in South Florida, but they are standard bottom-fishing fair and can sometimes be found in shallow waters off the beaches along the Panhandle or the Peninsular Gulf Coast.

Yellowtail snappers, on the other hand, are commonly found in South Florida and school around shallow patches and coastal reefs. Anglers often spot them in water that are around 60 to 120 feet deep. Mutton snappers can be found around coral patches and deeper reefs too. They are also known to swim in deep nearshore channels and passes.

For specific information about the type of snapper you want to catch, it would be best to speak to your fishing charter captain to learn about your preferred snapper’s hot spots.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Snapper Fishing

There are many reasons for booking a fishing charter but the two main reasons often boil down to safety and convenience. Not only are you guaranteed a reliable boat that will supply all the gear, bait and equipment you need, but you will also be guided by the expertise of a crew who will provide you with fishing tips and advice. Whether you are new to fishing or are an experienced angler, the friendly captain of your fishing charter will be there to provide all that you need for a great experience out at sea.

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At Flats Hound Fishing Charters, Captain Sullivan’s long days out in the waters of Southwest Florida has made him privy to all the great spots for snapper fishing. And the best part is, he will be glad to share all he knows about snapper fishing with you! If you have any questions about our snapper fishing charter services, feel free to contact us today!