Shark species have varied colors, from gray to cream, slate, yellow, brown, or blue. They are commonly patterned with bands, marbling, spots or protuberances. Sharks usually have tough skin that is made rough by toothlike scales. They have a strong upturned asymmetrical tail, pointed fins and snout. There are more than 400 living species of sharks that can be grouped into 14 to 30 families. Several larger species may be dangerous. Many sharks are fished for their fins, making them vulnerable to commercial fishing.

Best Gear and Equipment for Sharks Fishing

For sharks fishing, you should use a 7 to 10-foot heavy-duty saltwater fishing rod or a strong surf rod. We recommend using a heavy conventional saltwater star-drag reel with a low gear ratio and a high line capacity. A heavy conventional reel will help you to land a shark more quickly while decreasing stress on the shark and improving its survival rate after its release. You can use a 100-pound test braided line. A braid with a smaller diameter is preferable as it gives you more line on the reel. The hooks used should range from sizes 10/0 to 16/0. Bring along bait such as bonito or mackerel for the larger sharks and threadfin herring or live shrimp for smaller ones. is always ready to help you with any writing task, apply and get quality paper.

Best Sharks Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

  • Fort Myers

Fort Myers is one of the most popular fishing spots in Southwest Florida. You should definitely visit this place if you are hoping to accomplish the Florida Backcountry Slam. Different types of sharks can be found in the waterways between Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Other than sharks, you can also spot many types of fish such as Trout, Snook and Redfish.

  • Jacksonville

Jacksonville is known as ‘The River City by the Sea’. Located just south of Georgia and directly on the St. John’s River where it opens to the Atlantic Ocean, this town is known for having a wide variety of fish. With both saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities for fishing enthusiasts, you can travel outside of the inlet to find sharks, as well as fish like Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack all year round.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Sharks Fishing

  • It is more cost effective to hire a fishing charter for sharks fishing
  • It is a great way to navigate unfamiliar waters
  • You will be able to learn useful skills
  • It is an adventure of a lifetime
  • You can get expert advice from the captain
  • All specialized equipment is provided
  • You do not need to shoulder any responsibilities
  • You can focus on fishing

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