Cobia fish are dark brown in color and they have a single dorsal fin. Young cobia fish have a unique coloring of black and white horizontal stripes with patches of green, bronze and orange. Cobia fish are commonly mistaken as sharks or remoras. They can grow up to six feet and 100 pounds, with a total lifespan of up to 12 years. Cobia fish are able to start reproducing early in life. The females mature when they are three years of age while the males mature at two years old. Cobia fish tend to spawn in coastal bays and estuaries multiple times during the spawning season from June to August in the Southeast region and from summer to fall in the Gulf of Mexico.

Best Gear and Equipment for Cobia Fishing

The best cobia fishing tackle is made out of a heavy spinning or a medium conventional outfit as well as a good array of artificial lures and hooks. Cobia are a saltwater species and they are found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, both inshore and offshore waters. Cobia are also found along the United States coast. To date, the heaviest cobia weighs 105 pounds. These heavy fish will test an angler’s tackle so a stout fishing tackle is required.

Best Cobia Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

  • Fort Myers

Fort Myers is one of the famous fishing spots in Southwest Florida. This is the place to go to if you are looking to complete the Florida Backcountry Slam. Many types of fish such as Trout, Snook and Redfish are found in the waterways between Fort Myers and Cape Coral, which will bring great delight to any anglers. For cobia fishing in Fort Myers, be sure to visit during the high season in April, and from September to October.

  • Jacksonville

Jacksonville is at the entrance of the St. Johns River facing the Atlantic Ocean. This town provides freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities for anglers. Some areas you should visit include Mill Cover, Amelia Island State Park and Nassau Sound. The Cobia fish, along with Redfish, King Mackerel and Black Drum, can be found in these areas.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Cobia Fishing

If you are not familiar with these cobia fishing spots, booking a fishing charter is a cheap and fun way to explore the waters. With an experienced captain, you can get expert tips and sound advice for hooking a cobia. Other than being able to learn fast, you will also be provided with all the specialized equipment you may need. While your captain does the navigating, you can simply enjoy being out at sea. Booking a fishing charter for cobia fishing will free you from any responsibilities and leave you free to truly experience an adventure of a lifetime.

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