With a distinctive body shape, a tapered snout and head, and large fins, the snook is one of the most sought after catch in Florida. They fight and bite harder than most other fish. They are also smarter, and will swim into mangroves and drag the bait down to cut fishing lines! The snook has a stripe running across its body and is generally slivery on its side and greyish black on its dorsal surface. The size range of this fish is generally around three to fifteen pounds. However, it is anadrol side effects possible to see a snook weighing more than 20 pounds, especially during the summer. Snooks coast around the waters of Naples and Marco Islands as they prefer warmer waters. They can be easily found under bridges and in shallow saltwater flats.

Best Gear and Equipment for Snook Fishing

Your gear is the most important aspect to think about when trying to catch a snook. Although you do not need any branded and expensive gear, knowing what type of rod to use will make a difference. Typically, a light to medium rod, with a 3000 to 4000 series spinning reel will do just fine. The rod should be seven to eight feet long. As for the fishing lines, monofilament or braided are great to use. A braided line will help with pulling if you are fishing from the docks while a monofilament line is well-suited for beach fishing.

When it comes to using bait, snook loves live bait. Some of the live bait that you can use are sardines, mullet and shrimps. If live bait is not your style, another option is to use artificial lures. A safe bet when it comes to lure is the flairhawk jig. It comes in various sizes and it is heavier so that will help to keep the jig at the bottom.

Best Snook Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

The regions around southwest Florida are the best areas for snook fishing. From Gordon Pass to South Naples, snook fishing along this area are only catch and release. The open seasons for snook fishing are from September to November, and March to April. The warm and shallow waters in Naples are perfect for snook and you will get to see many of them swimming through this area.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Snook Fishing

Hiring a professional fishing charter is always a great option to consider when you are planning a snook fishing trip. The charter crew know the waters very well and will help you to get your gears set up. They also have the necessary equipment and the know-how to let you experience all the fun in snook fishing. That way, you do not have to worry about the logistics and just enjoy the wonders of fishing.

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