Whether you are a Florida native or a tourist rearing for adventure, you should be aware that the Pompano – less commonly known as the Trachinotus – is one of Florida’s most desirable gamefish. Commonly mistaken for their cousins, the Permit, these gamefish are characterized by their gently rounded heads with silvery bodies and yellow undersides. Although their dorsal fins are darker in color, their other fins are yellow. It is important to note that they do not have scuta forward of their tail. For their size, Pompano fight very hard but ask any angler in Florida and you will know that they are worth the tussle since they taste really great!

Best Gear and Equipment for Pompano Fishing

If you are looking to fish for Pompano in Florida, you will need to be aware of the fishing techniques and the lures used. For fishing inshore, it is advisable to use a spinning reel (either 3500 or 4000 series) that can hold a 12-to-15-pound test line. Fly fishing is also a good, if underused technique amongst others like pier, shoreline, and surf fishing.

When it comes to lures, sand fleas are the pompano’s favorite and you can find many anglers digging for this coveted bait. However, small pieces of shrimp will work equally well at attracting them too.

Best Pompano Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

Two bays in the south of Florida that lie on the western coast are Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay. They lie in the middle of the peninsula and offer pompano fishing in passes. In addition, beach and pier pompano fishing can be carried out too. In the state of Florida, the Sunshine Skyway Pier is the longest. Although pompano can be encountered all year round, they are more frequently more abundant in the cooler months. This is due to their congregation pattern wherein they gather along Florida’s Atlantic coasts in the winter and spring. In these bays, the best places you can find pompanos are in inlets and passes.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Pompano Fishing

We know the inherent appeal of fishing alone – just you, your thoughts, and the waters. However, if you are a novice angler or are new to an area, booking a fishing charter is essential for your own safety. The fishing charter crew are trained to keep track of weather conditions so your charter will never venture out to dangerous waters. In addition, fishing charters provide reliable boats and have the necessary on-board safety equipment to ensure that everyone is kept safe. If things go awry, you will also have an expert team who is trained to handle an emergency situation. With a fishing charter, you can then have peace of mind. Since everything is being taken care of, all you need to do is simply focus on reeling in your catch.

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