The Goliath Grouper lives up to its name by being an absolute beast of a fish! Weighing up to 800lbs and growing as long as eight feet long, it is one of the largest types of groupers that you can catch in the Atlantic. Reeling in one of these fishes is bound to be a memorable experience.

However, do take note that the goliath grouper is considered critically endangered by the World Conservation Union. This means that there are several considerations you should note when you set out to catch a goliath grouper. These include no commercial sales of the fish, a conservative daily catch limit, and a minimum size. Here at Flats Hound Fishing Charters, our team will be able to help you better understand the different fishing regulations and provide you with the best goliath grouper fishing experience.

Best Gear and Equipment for Goliath Grouper Fishing

As mentioned before, goliath groupers are mammoth, and you will need gear that is ready to support that size. These fish are known to break gear and we would recommend heavy duty equipment. It is possible to do this both with a rod and reel or via hand lining. Minimally we would suggest a reel that is capable of at least 90lbs of drag and loaded with more than 400lbs of microfilament. With this equipment, it would be a good start if you wish to land the monsters.

Best Goliath Grouper Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

Knowing where to look is key to landing one of these prized fish. Goliath groupers can be considered structure-oriented fish – which means that they can be found near areas with coral, shipwrecks, rock ledges and old phosphate docks. Furthermore, they rarely venture out into the deep sea, preferring shallow water of up to 150 feet deep.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Goliath Grouper Fishing

When you are catching a goliath grouper, one of the greatest worries is safety. These fish are large and strong enough to break parts of boats and equipment! Booking a fishing charter means that you will have the expertise of a crew who can handle any kind of circumstances that may arise.

A fishing charter is also more than just a boat. Our captain and crew are experienced fishermen with years of fishing in the waters of Southwest Florida. Not only do they know where the best spots are to find sportfish, they are also familiar with the type of bait required and equipment that you will need. If you are new to fishing, Flats Hound Fishing Charters is here to guide you. Our team will ensure that you have a relaxing and successful fishing trip. You do not have to worry about any trip details or logistics!

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As an expert in inshore and offshore fishing, our captains are extremely passionate about fishing and know the appeal and considerations people have when it comes to the sport. Not only is our crew knowledgeable and familiar with the Florida seascape, each fishing experience will be customized to your group’s needs.

If you have any questions about our goliath grouper fishing charter services, feel free to contact us today!