King Mackerel, also known as Kingfish, belong to the same genus and species – Scomberomorus cavalla. The migratory habits of the king mackerel often give rise to their differences when they are fished in various locations. King mackerels commonly weigh around twenty pounds but they can easily grow up to around one hundred pounds. Here is what you need to know about catching a king mackerel.

Best Gear and Equipment for King Mackerel Fishing

King mackerels are extremely fast and strong fighters at any size. Most trollers will use ocean lines testing of 20- to 40-pounds. However, king mackerels can also be caught by baitcasting, fly tackling or even spinning. They are not fussy and will bite either dead or alive trolled bait. Chum, live bait, and Pilchards tend to be most productive at attracting King Mackerel.

Best King Mackerel Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

For anglers who wish to catch a king mackerel, the great news is that they are easily found in all Florida coasts. They are widely distributed along edges of blue water all the way up to the beaches. Schools of fishes can even be found during spring and fall and you can easily spot them close to the shore along the Southeast Coast, in shallow waters of around 20 to 100 feet in depth.

Although king mackerels are normally found in open water, the larger sized fishes tend to gravitate towards structures such as oil rigs, coral reefs, and shipwrecks. This is because bait fish are commonly found there. Hence, the best king mackerel fishing spots will be around any of the artificial reefs or shipwrecks, and in waters around 40 to 100 feet in depth.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for King Mackerel Fishing

There are many reasons why you should book a fishing charter but we believe that it all boils down to two factors – expertise and convenience. When fishing for king mackerels, you will need to prepare some data and items to help you catch this large specimen. These range from GPS numbers online to having GPS or chart plotters and fish finders onboard. Furthermore, live bait and chum will need to be well stocked in order to lure them in. Booking a fishing charter will minimize your preparation time and ensure that you have everything you need before setting off.

Choose Flats Hound Fishing Charters for King Mackerel Fishing Today!

At Flats Hound Fishing Charters, we have an experienced crew who will prepare the necessary fishing and safety equipment, provide fishing tips and advice, and navigate the vessel so you can sit back and simply focus on experiencing an amazing day of fishing.

We also pride ourselves on customizing our fishing experiences to suit your preferences and experience level. Our expeditions range from four, six to eight hours long. You can also speak to Captain Sullivan to get his recommendations. If you have any questions about our king mackerel fishing charter services, feel free to contact us today.