Flounders have been described as plain and funny-looking with a distinct style of swimming – on their side along the ground with both eyes facing up. These flatfish, with their brown bodies and white underbellies, can camouflage themselves well. If you are a novice angler, you will be pleased to know that they are not too difficult to catch and are available during the months of winter and early spring. Flounders provide good table fare as they have a mild taste with sweet undertones.

Best Gear and Equipment for Flounder Fishing

The best gear for fishing flounder involves a rig setup which is comprised of light tackle and jigs that weigh one fourth of an ounce. To ensure that the lure is within reach of the flounder throughout the whole retrieve, it is important to keep the cast continually parallel to the ledge. In terms of lure, small, live baitfish will work wonders. Having a wide variety of bait is important as you can never anticipate what the flounder prefers. But some of the top bait choices include minnows and croakers. The best way to catch the flounder, however, is not via specialized equipment or lure but through simple wading in shallow water. This serves a dual purpose – you can feel for the drop-offs where fish like to gather with your feet and get a close look at the flounder since your presence probably will not startle them.

Best Flounder Fishing Spots in Southwest Florida

The Jacksonville area to the Central Florida coast hold some of the best spots for flounder fishing. A good way to determine good locations is to observe “flounder tracks”. These are observable when the tide recedes and flounders, which were previously buried in the shallow waters, pull out and leave imprints. Flounders can also be found near structures like piers and wrecks, and this is especially so if they are facing the current. A lot of inlets near Florida are teeming with marine life like crabs, shrimps, and other fish. Flounders love them and that is where you will get the best opportunity to catch them.

Why You Should Book a Fishing Charter for Flounder Fishing

While it might be tempting to brave the waters on your own, it is worth nothing that booking a fishing charter can be especially useful when it comes to flounder fishing in an unknown location. Indeed, as one experienced angler notes, only by learning each foot of a particular inlet day in and day out could he get a good yield. He would take a whole season to become familiar with a location! Thus, it makes sense to book a flounder fishing charter so you can take advantage of expert knowledge, and not be left floundering!

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