Tarpon season is now in session!

Experience the aquatic trip of a lifetime by visiting Boca Grande Pass for a little taste of tarpon. Known as the Tarpon Capital of the World, the Boca Grande Pass is a slice of paradise for these enormous, elusive fish. Underneath the surface of these warm waters is a tarpon migration highway the 3 football fields.

If you’re into sports fishing, don’t miss the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

One Massive Catch of the Day

Tarpon fishing is popular among sports fishermen for a reason. These enormous fish put up one heck of a fight. Once hooked, be prepared to fight against a 120-220 pound thrasher. After all, even a small tarpon is considered 120 pounds.

Tarpon fishing is an enthusiastic wrestling match that makes it all the more sweet once you wrangle one of these suckers.

Looking for even more of an adventure? How do sharks sound?! Boca Grande Pass has more than tarpon and crab swimming under the surface. Hammerheads and bull sharks are known to swim in these waters and every so often, they enjoy a bite of tarpon.

Some tarpon fishing experiences end with a tug of war with nature’s most magnificent predators.

The Best Places to Catch Tarpon

Don’t get caught in too many lines, boats and people. A popular fishing spot can quickly become a catastrophe of too much activity. When booking you Flats Hound fishing charter keep these helpful tips in mind to make the most of your tarpon fishing experience.

Skip the weekend! The best way to beat the crowd is to play your trip on a weekday. The weekends are easily the busiest time to fish and in the modestly sized Boca Grande Pass, it can quickly become overly crowded. Book your trip with Captain Sullivan between Monday and Friday and increase your odds of reeling in one of these elusive fish.

Tarpon flock towards warm weather and water. If the water’s too cold, tarpon book it out of there in search of warmer waters. When planning your tarpon excursion, keep an eye on the weather. Tarpon season is traditionally the summer months when the water is warmest.

The first thing you need to know about tarpon is that they love crab. Warm water plus the “crab flush” between May and July makes Boca Grande the place to fish. The crab flush occurs when water is pushed from local estuaries into the ocean. From there, the natural tides push crabs into Boca Grande.  

What Makes Boca Grande Pass “Tarpon Capital of the World”?

Boca Grande Pass is more than a traditional waterway. It’s warm water, current, local fish and crustaceans makes it a hotbed for tarpon activity. After all, they stay so large on a hefty diet of smaller fish and crab.

Located near the Charlotte Harbor, the Boca Grande Pass has attracted fishermen from all over the country. Wrestle with The Silver King on Flats Hound Fishing Charters exclusive tarpon excursion. Give us a call at (239) 703-4286 to discuss your trip!