Are you an experienced angler or a newcomer when it comes to fishing? Regardless of your skill level, we are here to help you select a good fishing charter to create your trip of a lifetime.

Select Your Fishing Experience – Shared or Private?

If you have some experience in fishing and are looking to make new acquaintances, shared charters are suitable for you to meet other like-minded anglers. If you are a beginner, the crew would need to accommodate to your learning needs, which might affect the progress of others in your team.

On the other hand, private charters offer a customized experience to suit your comfort level. The captain will answer any technical questions about fishing, and you will receive one-to-one guidance to learn how to catch your desired fish. Although it will cost more than ordinary shared charters, it will be well worth the price!

Choose the Fishing Location – Inshore or Offshore?

Inshore fishing trips are often convenient half-day trips that are perfect for beginners or young families. On such fishing trips, you get to catch fish quickly. The waters are more peaceful and generally safer as your charter boat is near the land. For offshore fishing which occurs more than 9 miles from the shore, the waters are rougher but are great for anglers who are more experienced and want to catch new and bigger types of fish. Offshore charters usually include deep sea fishing, and such fishing trips will take at least one day or even include an overnight stay out at sea.

Learn More about Your Captain

One of the most crucial parts of the fishing trip is to look for a good captain. You should try to find out more about his or her background, experience, and history in the business. You may search for a captain’s fishing reports which usually share a list of their catch, the types of charters they have done previously, and details like their fishing frequency and favorite locations. It is strongly recommended that you check out online reviews to see what others think about the captain. You can also reach out to him for a chat to see if there is any chemistry between the two of you that will make for a good fishing trip!

Communicate Your Fishing Requirements Prior to the Trip

It is important to communicate your preferences with the captain. Let him know about your preferences for the type of charter boat, your comfort level, speed, and capacity so that he can customize a package specially for you. As a beginner, you may have many questions before the trip – what to prepare, what to bring, and what to expect during the trip. You can always get your answers from the captain. Inform your captain about whether you would like to keep the fish or release them. For the safety of everyone, you should also check about insurance coverage as it will affect the cost of the trip. Once you are satisfied, you know you are good to go with the booking of the fishing charter.

If you are initially clueless about choosing a good fishing charter, a good place to start is to speak to Captain Sullivan from Flats Hounds Fishing Charters. He will show you the way and provide you with everything that you need. Soon, you will be ready to head out to sea!